“Have you had the experience of a general practitioner not believing one can have chronic lyme disease? I have, which is why I sought out Dr. Deanna Berman, who was presenting with others, at a workshop on lyme disease in 2014 at our public library. I came to her because my own doctor at the time refused to give antibiotics when I showed her the tic, the ring around the bite, and insisited she give me at least one dose of antibiotics...which I now know was not the way to go...but neither did the GP.! After working with Dr. Berman, she said she would start me on antibiotics and send my bloodwork to a lab that would indicate the different strains of bactieria. I also now had a protocol for building my immune system,and paid more attention to my food plans. I began to get my energy back, and my list of symptoms became manageable, and some are gone. Since I was working in the mental health field, I also worked on what was going on emotionally with me. If you want a doctor who will listen to you holistically, Dr Berman is that doctor. I continue to listen to her guidance today, July 1, 2019!”

C.N. Chronic Health Issues

“I first came to see Dr. Deanna seeking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy after suffering months of virtually non-stop hot flashes and night sweats. After our initial hour-plus appointment, Dr. Deanna placed me on vitamin and herbal supplements to support my overtaxed adrenal glands, as well as on an elimination diet to more clearly identify triggers related to the food I eat. Several weeks later, I started taking Unda homeopathic drops which were nothing short of miraculous. After 1-1/2 weeks on the drops, my hot flashes have totally disappeared and my quality of life has returned. I am just amazed!”

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

“Dr. Berman really listens to you and works with you to figure out how to help you feel better. She has figured out the issues before any other doctors have for me. She researches her products and health issues, and is passionate about helping people feel better.”

Sue R

“Deanna Berman has really helped my family through the years both with acute situations and with unravelling deeper, systemic obstacles to health, particularly digestive issues. She knows so much about nutrition, neurotransmitters, mental health and digestion, and she applies her knowledge with expertise, insight, and a warm presence. I am so grateful for her help.”

Catherine J

“My name is Lisa and I’m 46 years old. I came to Dr. Berman with multiple issues. After years of allopathic care, I decided there has to be another, more effective approach. I had food sensitivities, history of neurochemical imbalances as well as adrenal fatigue and sleep disturbances. Over the past two and a half years, Dr. Berman has helped me by treating ?at my roots and not my branches?. I no longer experience side effects from previously prescribed pharmaceuticals and have a definitive protocol that works. I can eat all foods now. My fatigue has been eliminated and I sleep well.”

Lisa Plympton
Chronic Fatigue

“After having my first child (in 1994) ,I developed Hypo Thyroid. Weight gain, fatigue, foggy brain, sore joints, asthma, allergies,skin eruptions,insomnia, depression, all crept into my daily life. Every time I saw my Primary we would go through the check list, and I would share my discontent and concerns.Blood work was always done to check my thyroid levels. When they came out in the normal range time after time, yet I still had these daily struggles with symptoms, she would offer me anti-depressants and little support. I gave up trying to get help from her. About one year ago I started going to Dr. Deanna and it has changed my life forever! She was able to diagnose me immediately, and has guided me to the path of good health and nutrition. My symptoms have diminished, most to the point of nonexistence. My journey continues but I now receive the knowledge, support, and education I need to walk in good health.”

Maia Horvath
Grateful patient

“I have been seeing Dr. Deanna since March, 2011. She has dramatically changed my quality of life, I am incredibly grateful! Dr. Deanna takes the time to look at the entire picture, she listens carefully, and has motivated me to become more educated in my own health issues. After just two weeks of changing how I nourish my body, felt like a new and vibrant person again. I am excited about further improvement, and healing.It has truly been a blessing!”

Satisfied Patient