Free Initial Phone Consultations

Since I began my practice in 2002, I have offered people 15 minutes free time when considering an initial appointment. I feel it’s important to help prospective clients make a fully informed decision. The client-doctor experience should be a good fit. Having a good fit is important for you, and it makes me feel more effective as a practitioner. During this time, I will answer general questions about the therapies I use and how I can help you.

Phone Consultations

For patients who have visited within the last month and who have questions, I do not charge for phone consultations five minutes or less in length.

Additionally, I only have general appointments over the phone after an in-person first visit. I need to know my clients and spend that initial one-and-a-half to two hours in person to do so. I realize this is a burden for people who live out of the area, but I am positive it’s worth it.

Charges for return visits over the phone are billed at my hourly rate. 20 minutes for a return visit is often sufficient.

Email Discussions

With clients who have visited within the last month and who have questions, I do not charge for short email questions. Please do not embellish by providing me “too much information.” I approach email conversations with the same sense of responsibility I employ for all appointments. I have to read carefully and chart serious information. This is why I must take time and charge a fee for reading and responding to longer emails. For this, I also charge my hourly rate.

Remember, I don’t charge for all the time I spend on each patient. When you pay me for the time I interact with you, you also get my time researching, networking and charting. That is my commitment to my patients. I’m an effective practitioner because I give you, the patient, the energy and time you deserve.

Missed Appointments

I charge 50% for a missed appointment if not notified 24 hours prior to the appointment. I book a limited number of appointments each week. For the sake of clients who need to get in, I must ask that all clients who need to cancel do so with as much warning as possible. I do not charge a fee to clients who reschedule and I’m very understanding in cases of emergency and with clients who simply make a mistake or forget and contact me immediately.


Payments are due at the time of service. Many clients prefer to keep a credit card on file for future supplement orders. I accept credit cards, personal checks and cash. For checks that do not clear, I pass along any additional fees charged by the bank.


I do not currently bill insurance directly. Because naturopathic medicine is not currently licensed in New York, insurance companies here don’t include naturopathic doctors like they do in licensed states. Because I am also a New York State certified midwife, I can offer diagnostic codes to women who wish to submit their receipts for “out-of-network provider” insurance reimbursement. Check with your insurance carrier and ask if and how they reimburse for these services.


I do offer discounts on many supplements. I offer a 10 % discount to clients paying with cash or check and a 5% discount to clients paying with a credit card.


For rate information, please call our office phone at 607-351-7808.